Controls: Use the arrow keys to control your lil' bloop... that's it!

Goal: Defeat the boss by collecting glowing tiles without losing all your hearts.

Find it on the Lexaloffle BBS here:

Development log


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really good game...

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thats the kind of game i like. a quick boss battle with a grain of bullet hell. now i just want to beat it on hardmode (i already see my 999 deaths at the last phase) also the music and the intro are great :)

very nice !

love it !

This game is positively charming! Challenging but enticing enough to have me sticking around until I finally beat hard mode. I love it!


Holy shizen this is good

May I email you about a business proposition? I am interested in your game and am willing to invest in it I can see it going places you may have never dreamed of. With wishes 

                                                      -Matt Cunha

dang that's good


nice game has anyone beat this yet?


Wow this is great.

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I ADORE the aesthetic  of this game

like all the attacks and even the game over screen all fit this magician them 

this needs a mobile port or something, more people need to see this game 

Also I tried to do hard mode and died almost immediately

finally a can say this game is amaizing and i complete hard mode im tired to play, like 30m in hard mode (maybe less), good job 



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Can we get a mobile port of this game!? One with mobile swipe controls

Or can I somehow get the rom?


i died almost instantly when i had 2 characters


enjoy it, and remember undertail


bomb ass dank ass.  i think im addicted to pico-8 too


Purp skurp


This is dope!

Do you mind if i make a remix?

You have my permission to make a remix, so long there's proper attribution!



Where the remix?

Very creative work!


I played your game in a combo video I did. This was really fun to play!

your game starts at 11:04

Great game!

I wonder how so nice games are made with Pico

It's a Very Interesting Game,I Probably Will Play It More,Just To Relax a Bit.

I Completed The Game In  Normal Mode But I Restarted The Game Just One Time

I Was Laggy But Great Job!

Hey bridgs,check this video out:

I did a full run no damage of hard mode :D

That's so amazing! Really really though, that is quite the feat, truly insane and awesome. I'm pretty sure I've never come close to doing that.

Love it so much!!!!! Beat normal mode and have almost beat hard mode!!!


Great theming, amazing execution! Feels like a classic boss battle.

This is epic (:

Where can I finf the name on the music? I really like it. And a awesome game. Love it


I composed the music and don't exactly have a name in mind for it... maybe Just One Song?

Could you please post a no-commentary youtube video with the soundtrack? I'm a huge fan of your music but whenever I leave the tab, it ends up stopping >:(

Just for you:

Cute little game!  Wanted to try out a boss rush/boss fight centered game for some inspiration!  very fun.

Vey cool game with a clever way to increase difficulty ! brilliant !

The Megaman Battle Network series is one of my all-time favorites, so of course I absolutely loved this game! Definitely a very hard game, but I enjoy the way that it ramps up the difficulty in a steady way that would feel very rewarding if I had more time to really sit down with it and beat it! Maybe once I'm done with finals? ;)

I also really love the boss design as well, it really keeps the game fresh and interesting considering the fact that a "one boss boss-rush" as a concept has a high risk of becoming either repetitive or too short. Even though gathering the glowing tiles technically makes him more difficult to beat (which as a player I should be conditioned not to do), I honestly didn't even mind because I was always excited to see what new attack would get thrown at me next. Really fun game!!

who beat hard mode? not me :(((


That was insane... didnt expect to play it but hey i enjoyed it NOICE!

Hey, how do you dodge the card attack when there's two of him?

ya just need to leave two spaces between your little buddies... when a card comes toward yo, just go up two spaces


its a pretty good game, but in my opinion its just RNG when you get to get to the doubles of the character your playing as (or i just suck)

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really good game i spent hours playing and beat normal mode with a high score! i really liked how much of a challenge this was

The game is so cooool! You should launch it for the PlayStore or something

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