Controls: Use the arrow keys to control your lil' bloop... that's it!

Goal: Defeat the boss by collecting glowing tiles without losing all your hearts.

Find it on the Lexaloffle BBS here:

Development log


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Awsome game!

i played this  game on crazy games so i think they stole your game

Yup they did, and sadly true of many, many other sites. But I appreciate you letting me know <3

great game tho keep up the work


did you know this is on coolmathgames?

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Coolmath games and armor games are the two places that properly licensed Just One Boss on their sites. Can't say the same for the 50+ other webgaming sites though...

Thank you for looking out for this, I do appreciate it


Thank you, and no problem :)

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For reasons that have little to do with mental health, I got really engrossed in beating this game in under 1:30. Anyway, feel free to check it out if you're interested:

I never thought I'd see sub 1m30s. Quadruple damage glitch ~with~ the skip bunnies glitch no less. Congratulations friend, you really REALLY did it!

can't wait to lose countless hours trying to complate this :D

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I BEAT IT! only took a few tries

oh no, hard mode


I believe in you



You're right what was I thinking AAAAAAHHH

Any chance you could provide a downloadable version of this ?

I've got no plans to create a downloadable version, but if you were to download PICO-8 that'd allow you to play Just One Boss outside of a web browser (though that costs $14.99)

Love this game! Definitely takes longer than expected to beat. The soundtrack is so nice, too, and I love the little animations between attacks (graphics overall are lovely)! I also like that you included an additional mode, as well as new challenges within that mode! :)

I like it, but the third phase is a little b.s.



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Okay, I got sub-3:30. I am satisfied now.

This you?

Oh no, I didn't realize there was an official leaderboard xD Sadly I didn't record it for upload

I just accidentally discovered a glitch that makes it possible to beat the game way faster. I'll see if I can do it and upload.

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Looks like other people already knew about it :( I thought I was being clever. Oh well, still submitted to the leaderboard and pending moderation. Thanks for the game, super fun!

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Can i use this in my video?

I need ost

Coooool game


Do the words "Perfect hard mode" mean anything to you?

I played this game on coolmath for a while, and just now managed to beat hardcore. Great game, and i'd love to see a sequel/expansion


ya got to hardmode? welcome to the actual hard part buddy.

yep i got to hard mode

how do you get to the stage where he makes 5 clones, can you please tel my the way to get to the stage where he has 5 clones please. MAY YOU LED ME TO THE SOLUTION TO THE STAGE WHERE HE MAKES LIFE FORMS SIMMILER TO HIMSELF. I MUST KNOW TEH SOLUTION

Easy just beat easy mode thats hard mode stuff pall I still cant beat hardmode.


Awesome awesome game great for entertainment are you aware coolmath stole/added your game to its collection I still cant beat hardmode but some day.


Coolmath is one of the few sites that properly licensed the game to appear on their site, but thank you for looking out!

Some day, friend ;)


so good. this game inspired me to (someday) make a grid based game with undertale mechanics along with crypt of the necrodancer/other rhythm games!

keep up the good work!

Beautiful game, congratulations buddy you did a great work here, Hope to see many great games like these in the future :)

Thanks buddy

Great job buddy!

Thanks buddy

now make just one game please

Brilliant!! More Bosses!

No! Just one.


You should make a sequel called Just Another Boss.


parece que temos um br programador aqui

hahaha sou mais a vibe de game design

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Vai tomar no cu, boss filho da puta do caralho. ADOREI!! NEW LEVELS PLEASE!!!  brazilian here

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Cara, do caralho!!! Brazilian here

Great polish, amazing sprites, and gameplay that never gets old. 10/10

Love it


hey dude this would be a good final boss for one wierd game but i like this game alot yeah bet if you make a game and have this guy in it you would make money

oh no ! as lemmings says....No windows keep everywhere and forever :(

love it but my music keeps breaking

This game is awesome

love this


OMG!!!!!!! This game is awesome. Plz continue, make another boss

But it's only one boss.


DAMN this is good

this is a good game


Wow!!!! that was amazing! Love the sound and music and pixel art. Super fun, challenging. yayayayay!

really good game...

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thats the kind of game i like. a quick boss battle with a grain of bullet hell. now i just want to beat it on hardmode (i already see my 999 deaths at the last phase) also the music and the intro are great :)

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