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Cute little game!  Wanted to try out a boss rush/boss fight centered game for some inspiration!  very fun.

Vey cool game with a clever way to increase difficulty ! brilliant !

The Megaman Battle Network series is one of my all-time favorites, so of course I absolutely loved this game! Definitely a very hard game, but I enjoy the way that it ramps up the difficulty in a steady way that would feel very rewarding if I had more time to really sit down with it and beat it! Maybe once I'm done with finals? ;)

I also really love the boss design as well, it really keeps the game fresh and interesting considering the fact that a "one boss boss-rush" as a concept has a high risk of becoming either repetitive or too short. Even though gathering the glowing tiles technically makes him more difficult to beat (which as a player I should be conditioned not to do), I honestly didn't even mind because I was always excited to see what new attack would get thrown at me next. Really fun game!!

who beat hard mode? not me :(((

That was insane... didnt expect to play it but hey i enjoyed it NOICE!

Hey, how do you dodge the card attack when there's two of him?

ya just need to leave two spaces between your little buddies... when a card comes toward yo, just go up two spaces


its a pretty good game, but in my opinion its just RNG when you get to get to the doubles of the character your playing as (or i just suck)

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really good game i spent hours playing and beat normal mode with a high score! i really liked how much of a challenge this was

The game is so cooool! You should launch it for the PlayStore or something


I did it flawless, and then... what the hell? I have a double? (Both go in laser) Damn...

This was fun, and I found it fairly unique. Thanks!

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The movement blur is Xtra juicy. Dope boss.  Quality gameplay. I could go on and on about how good this is.

What a challenging but rewarding game! You might think it's easy with a name like "Just One Boss" but don't be fooled! Bridgs took time and effort into making this game for all of us, and the quality definitely shows in a fun yet difficult way. :) I was able to beat normal and hard mode in just a little over an hour, so if you're stuck or having issues, feel free to watch what I did in my playthrough of it. I show you how to dodge all of his attacks in all his phases (both for normal and hard) and explain it as well, so hopefully everyone will have the tools and strategy they need to beat it now! Thank you Bridgs for making this, and I look forward to playing your other games, too. 10/10!

Loving this game! A nice change would be that when the two character part kicks in, you're allowed to "swap sides" just so your controls make sense in your head!

This game is so perfect, you're an absolute genius.

P.S. if I HAD to complain, I'd say normal mode should be way easier just so everyone can beat it. Hard mode, of course, should be for those who stick around after beating it.


i always die on the phase were theres two characters 

Yeah, same...

just keep your buds together. it helped me

hard mode or normal mode? me: hard mode. i dont like the coin part, especially the fact that they have a hitbox

i absolute love it´

That was fun! Don' t think I'll be beating hard mode any time soon though haha. Great game

Awesome game! Normal mode alone was tough, but hard mode left me gaping. Took awhile, but  beat both!

Whoa! This game is incredibly fun, original, and a really nice challenge. I had a great time playing it and I hope you keep making more games like this one. I can't wait to see what you do next!

This game is amazing! Super fun and simple idea that is very challanging! The music has been stuck in my head for a few days now after playing this and it fits the game perfectly! 

Awesome game! glad i played it, hard mode was pretty tough but i beat after like 20 min, anyway hope you make more games!

nice game!!! :>

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Already the music got me hooked into the battle as the classy 8-bit music icked in. I found myself constantly smiling as Wizmirror (That's the name I gave him) tried to impale me with flowers, cloned me (I died a lot there), and fired lasers at me. If this was a real game, then HOLY HELL I would play it until my computer ran out of battery! Extra thanks for not giving a piss about graphics and the music! Can I download the OST if possible?

Edit: I really hope this game stays free! Oh, also, do you plan to make this a full boss rush-esque game? I'd love to see that!
Edit 2: I'm finding myself trying to find a game engine trying to recreate this cool game! What software did you use to make this music?

Hehe Wizmirror, I like that!

The game was made in PICO-8. It's a great engine to get started in game development, and if you're interested I'm working on a tutorial series to help people learn PICO-8. The music was created in the chiptune editor that comes with PICO-8, which I found to be pretty accessible! You can even download Just One Boss and export the music to a .wav file really easily.

I love boss fights and I have a dream of making a full boss rush at some point in my life, but it probably won't be with this set of mechanics (though I do think these mechanics have a lot of interesting design space to offer).

Thanks for playing :)

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No sounds if you play in Chrome?

...What? Did you mute it or something? Sound works for me.

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Hey, wanna say that though this boss beat the hell out of me for the first few minutes of playing (and still stuck on Hard Mode), it felt like a really good boss to fight against, and definitely memorable. 

As a dev/spriter of a video game mod that focuses on making difficult but fun bosses, I found myself falling in love with this game. I showed this to some other familiars and they also found it pretty neat, and of course they got to Hard Mode and got their arse beaten. They all enjoyed it though, and I'm hoping this gets more attention. 

Made a little sketch as appreciation for your work! Thank you so much!

AwwwwWWW I love it! Where can I find your mod? I'd love to play!

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The mod's for a game called Terraria, and runs on a special modding platform called TModLoader. It's called the Calamity Mod, which is still a WIP.  Thanks for the neat game! 

EDIT: Made it to 4th phase of Hard Mode through sheer error and luck! Yay, a new phase to fail on!

Ahhh look at all those bosses! I like Bumblebirb especially.. I loved the time I spent with Terraria so it's really cool to see that folx are still modding, improving, and adding to the game!

Lovely to hear from another boss designer :)

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There is a game on armor games called 'floor of hell'  that is a carbon copy of this game.

Its here:

Tho i think this one is way better,as the villian is alot more classy,unique,and a reference to old school magicians i think.Like with the coin out of the ear thing,the flowers,etc

Thanks for letting me know. I contacted the author a couple days ago, but ultimately I'm comfortable with the existence of this game. Just One Boss is released un a creative commons license, so it's free game if people want to remake or riff on it.

Amazing Game!

love it!!!!

super gamenllin mira mis games


supra bueno XD

Even though this is just a small game, it brought me simple joy that many larger, more expensive (not free) games struggle to give me. Keep up the amazing work!

Aww that's very sweet T_T thank you so much for playing!!

I enjoyed it! Good Work!  ^_^

I feel like hard mode should be normal mode, i beat the normal on my first try but the hard was tough, great game though!

Hehe most people think normal mode is far too difficult! But I'm glad at least hard mode was a challenge.

Yeah, gg im still scared by hard mode though


Nice!! This challenge was really welcomed :D

I loved it! Amazing Work! 

I DID THE HARD MODE!!! It seemed unfairly hard, but i actually did it! It is all about learning patterns and mechanics, and reflecting over what just happend helps too. I love the style, I love the soundtrack and I love a good challenge!

Keep being awesome!

Congrats! You are one of very few to have defeated hard mode! A bunch of playtesters compared hard mode to a real-time puzzle game, and I think that gets at what you were saying about learning and reflecting on patterns.

At any rate, thank you for the lovely comment and thank you for playing!

Ah that was so fun!


One of the more fun games I've played, very challenging and fun


Really nice game, too bad I suck haha

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