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Such a polished game. I felt the pacing was fair. The magician-themed attacks were creative and fun. Thanks for making it!

I'm always surprised at the quality of games that come out of Pico-8. Unfortunately, because of its limitations, the games won't ever be more than a microgame. For what it is though, it's fantastic, and I could see it as being a high quality demo from another, larger game.

I basically fumbled and lost immediately as soon as he splits you in two

wow. So much charm packed into just one boss.

Every little detail of this game has been paid attention to. The juiciness of tile collecting, the little smears when my blob moves around the field. And the adorable introduction of the boss! Plus, the game's challenge is fun and fair. If this developer ever makes a game with a collection of bosses like this, they can count on a download from me!

This game is amazing! The music, the charm, the mechanics. Great job!!

Wow, that one wonderful! 

Wow, this is one boss I liked (and grew to not like :p); he's fun to watch, but fighting against him? I pity the poor soul who has to endure it, because it was one method of attack after another, and with significant variations too XD

I liked how the music has a catchy theme, the pixel art was done very nicely, the boss's animations were very charming, and the inclusion of both player clones and boss clones made the last 2 stages very intense :o

Good job here, mate! :D

I think this game can by once of my favorite game on PICO-8!


Absolutely brilliant game! Enjoyed the game mechanics and never knew what crazy new idea would get thrown into the mix next. Boss attacks were very well telegraphed and never felt unfair, and I loved how all the actions were in sync with the music. Pixel art and audio were spot on too :)

Great game! 

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